CSI Softworx was founded as Computer Services of Eunice, Incorporated in 1987 with a clear objective; to provide quality computer support to any business at a fair price. That philosophy has turned a small computer consulting firm into a full–service computer consulting firm with hundreds of clients.

Today, Computer Services of Eunice, Incorporated is CSI Softworx and our mandate is a little more specific. We offer custom programming, computer training, software support, systems planning, troubleshooting, desktop publishing, graphic illustrations, internet training and website design.

With 77 years of combined business experience, CSI Softworx can accommodate any client’s needs; big or small. CSI Softworx has provided service to clients in education, health–care, law, retail, communications, tourism, government, media, insurance, utilities, banking, engineering and construction.

Although CSI Softworx has grown to accommodate so many needs, it adheres to the philosophy of providing applicable business solutions and conscientious client service at an affordable price. CSI Softworx creates opportunities were there are none and solutions where there are only problems.

Here is a brief list of the services we offer:

Custom Programming–CSI Softworx develops computer programs that will increase the efficiency of any business. Areas that programming is available includes accounting, database, general purpose and record keeping.

Computer Support–CSI Softworx provides complete computer support for any business. Support is needed for systems and software that is not being fully utilized by a client or for a business that needs to insure that their computer system is performing at peak efficiency.

Computer Systems Planning–CSI Softworx recommends the type of hardware and/or software an organization needs to perform at peak efficiency, including networks. However, CSI Softworx is vendor independent which allows us to provide unbiased recommendations on computer technology.

Computer Training–CSI Softworx provides in–house training on numerous computer platforms including DOS-based systems, along with commercial software packages including MS Windows, MS Windows NT, MS Windows 95, MS DOS, MS Word, AccountMate, BusinessVision, Commence, Adobe PageMaker, Adobe Illustrator and Corel Draw.

Computer Troubleshooting–CSI Softworx has accumulated years of computer experience and can solve many computer problems that may arise. CSI Softworx solves many problems over the telephone, but also provides in–house troubleshooting.

Desktop Publishing–CSI Softworx produces desktop publishing work for clients using the latest desktop publishing techniques and materials. CSI produces logos, brochures, presentation packets, etc. to work hand in hand with a client’s public relations strategy or as a stand–alone item.

Graphic Illustrations–CSI Softworx produces illustrations using the latest illustrating techniques and materials.

Internet Training–CSI Softworx can help you or your business learn to use the internet.

Research–CSI Softworx can gather informative data that pertains to any aspect of a business, including computers.

Website Design–CSI Softworx can design all aspects of your website regardless of its size.

CSI Softworx belongs to the following programs:

Adobe Authorized Reseller–CSI Softworx sells and provides comprehensive support for all Adobe products, including Illustrator and PageMaker.

Commence Authorized Reseller–CSI Softworx sells, customizes and provides comprehensive support for Commence Information Manager.

Corel Authorized Reseller–CSI Softworx sells and provides comprehensive support for all Corel products, including Corel Draw.

Microsoft Solution Provider–CSI Softworx is a member of the Microsoft Solution Provider program. As a Solution Provider, CSI provides comprehensive support for all Microsoft products including Windows (3.X, 95 and NT), DOS, Word and Excel and has special access to Microsoft’s massive technical and information base.

PagerProŽ–CSI Softworx sells and provides comprehensive support for the best selling accounting software for pager companies, PagerProŽ.

AccountMate Support and VAR–CSI Softworx sells, customizes and provides comprehensive support for all AccountMate products.

BusinessVision Support and VAR-CSI Softworx sells and provides comprehensive support for all BusinessVision products.

Symantec/Delrina Authorized Reseller–CSI Softworx sells and provides comprehensive support for all Symantec/Delrina products, including Norton Disk Doctor and WinFax.

TIW Technology Reseller–CSI Softworx sells and provides comprehensive support for Workshop Factory Management System.

UTILIZEŽ–CSI Softworx sells and provides comprehensive support for UTILIZEŽ, the accounting software for rural utility companies.

Some companies that have used CSI Softworx:

Acadiana Treatment Systems utilities
Andrews and Associates, Inc. manufacturing
Beepers Plus communications
Cecilia Water System utilities
Cellular One communications
Compliance Services Inc. medical
Coteau Water System Inc. utilities
Doucet Oil Agency, Inc. oil
Drug Testing Consortium medical
Elton, Town of municipality
Evangeline Water District #1 utilities
Family Clinic medical
First Bank of Eunice banking
Hagewood Water System utilities
Healthcare Safety Consultants medical
I. B. Veillon, CPA accounting
In Touch Communications communications
KJJB Eunice Broadcasting Inc. broadcasting
Lafayette Parish Water Works utilities
La Porte dans Arriere tourism
Louisiana Prairie Folklife Festival tourism
Mamou, Town of municipality
Mamou Road Water System utilities
Manuel Tire Company retail
Mobile One communications
Motorola Europe communications
Page World communications
Parks Water Company utilities
Pine Prairie, Village of municipality
Potier’s Family Pharmacy medical
Prairie Ronde Water System utilities
Rehabilitation Services, LTD. medical
River City Management housing
St. Ann’s Catholic Church church
St. Anthony’s Church church
Savoy/Swords Water System utilities
South Lake Kennels breeding
South Louisiana Insurance insurance
Warren Communications, Inc. communications
Water District #7 utilities

Here is a little about the principals of CSI Softworx:

Donald V. Tanner, Jr. has been in the computer field since 1968. His experience began while attending the University of Southwestern Louisiana where he was pursuing a degree in Civil Engineering. After graduating, Don began working in the engineering field as a computer expert before there were computer experts. Over the years, he moved around the United States developing computer software for various organizations, training their customers and troubleshooting.

In the 70’s, Don and his family moved back to their hometown of Eunice, where he introduced computers to a family owned construction business. While in the business, he developed software for the industry and eventually took over the business. Today, Don develops software for various industries and has two commercially successful programs to his credit.

Don’s computer experience spans many platforms, including Data General, R-DOS, Alpha Base, Unix and DOS. He has programmed in Assembly, Snowball, Fortran, Basic, Business Basic, Data Base III, FoxPlus. Today, he programs primarily in FoxPro.

Don has practical experience as a civil engineer, computer applications engineer, business owner, industrial designer, software designer, database designer, systems designer and college instructor. He has developed numerous computer applications, including UTILIZEŽ and PagerProŽ, and has years of computer and management consulting experience.

Ricky Gomez has more than 16 years of computer, public relations and organizational communication experience. Ricky received his undergraduate degree from USL in Journalism and received his Master’s Degree in Interpersonal and Public Communication from the University of Southwestern Louisiana.

Ricky was introduced to the computer world via the Apple Macintosh , but has experience on various computer platforms. His computer knowledge includes teaching desktop publishing, systems planning, systems troubleshooting in both the Macintosh and DOS platforms, Commence customization and has mastered numerous commercial software programs.

Ricky’s practical experience includes teaching at the university level, health-care public relations and marketing, social services public relations and marketing, nonprofit public relations and marketing, organizational consulting, broadcasting and publishing.

Ricky has authored papers on the latest public relations techniques for communication audits and monitoring the grapevine within organizations. He has performed communication audits, designed surveys, prepared research, planned seminars and devised public relations strategies and marketing strategies. He has also developed original advertisements along with graphic illustrations.

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