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If you need to display the amount that is going to each taxing authority, you need to follow these instructions.

At the CSI Softworx Screen, select the File Menu Option. Select the System File Option from the File Menu. Select MOD from the Toolbar and use the mouse to click on Screen Two or <TAB> until you get to Screen Two. To enable you to modify the invoice (plain paper and/or pre–printed), you must enter a valid DOS filename (8 characters or less) without the extension (i.e. .DOC, .BAT) in the Name of Plain Paper Invoice Form and/or Name of Form Pager Invoice Form Fields on Screen 2 of the System File. For example, INVFRM (Invoice Form). Click on Screen 1 with the mouse or <TAB> until you get to Screen One. Select <SAVE> to save your changes then select QUIT from the Toolbar.

You should be back at the CSI Softworx Screen. Select the Cycle Menu Option and choose the Print Invoice/Preview Option. Choose either Print Plain Paper Invoice or Print Pre-Printed Invoice, depending on your situation. Select the DISPLAY option. When you print invoices to the display and if you have filled in a name in the appropriate field, PagerPro® will automatically ask you if you want to Modify the Invoice. If yes, select yes. The form will appear on your screen.

You now need to add the tax field(s) you want to display. Click on the Report Expression Builder (the button in the upper left hand corner with AB inside of a square) and your cursor should change to a crosshair (+). Click and hold down the crosshair on the desired location on the page and drag. You will see a box appear. Once you have the desired size, release the mouse button and the Report Expression Builder Dialogue Box should appear. In the field next to the EXPRESSION button, type inltax to display the local tax amount, inctax to display the county tax amount OR instax to display the state tax amount. Once completed, select the OK button. You can add as many fields as you want to the invoice.

When you are finished modifying the invoice, select <F10> to save. If you make a mistake, select <ESC>. If you select <ESC>, PagerPro® will ask you if you want to Discard Changes. If yes, select yes.

Saved changes will remain permanent unless you modify the invoice again.