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Important stuff you need to know about downloading the PagerPro® update. (You may want to print this page.)

Make sure you backup your current version of PagerPro® before installing the update. CSI Softworx is not responsible for lost data or corrupted files due to improper safety precautions.

The PagerPro® update loads the latest version of PagerPro® on top of your current version. Don't worry, your data will not be erased or overwritten. However, you should always backup critical data when you are making any changes to the program. If you do not have a credible backup procedure in place, contact a qualified computer professional (or your kid) and they will instruct you on how to backup PagerPro® and any other critical data that resides on your system.

When you click on the hyperlink that downloads the update, your browser (Netscape, Internet Explorer, etc.) will prompt you for a location to save the file. Make sure you save the file in a place that you will be able to locate once the downloading has finished. A good idea is to create a directory on your computer called DOWNLOAD and save all downloaded files into that directory. That way they will be easy to find.

Anyhow, once you have downloaded the update to the desired location on your computer, simply double-click on the PPUPDATE.EXE file. This is an EXE file that automatically unloads itself onto your hard disk. It unloads all the necessary files you need to setup PagerPro®. Once it has finished unloading, double-click on the SETUP.EXE program-PagerPro® will take care of the rest.

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