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Now you can download the latest version of PagerProŽ by clicking on the PagerProŽ Update link below. Please click on the Read Me link before downloading the update.
Version Posted Date
READ ME before downloading 11/10/1997
PagerProŽ Update (3230K)

What has changed?
When we added the ability to separate taxes by taxing authority, some users did not agree that PagerProŽ was charging enough tax. We now give you the choice of having the taxes broken down by authority or not. You can find the option on the third screen of the System File. This update also fixes a problem we had with PagerProŽ attempting to access the D: drive. We have eliminated that problem.

This is not a Y2K Update: PagerProŽ is and always has been Y2K Compliant. There is no such thing as a Non Y2K Compliant version of PagerProŽ.

Again, we have made a bunch of behind the scenes changes. However, we have made one major change that is not obvious. We now provide the ability to show on the invoice the amount of tax for each taxing authority. Before this major addition, you could not display the amount each taxing authority was charging per invoice; we simply provided a total. Now it can be broken down per taxing authority. If you need to use this feature, you must click here for the instructions on how to set it up to work correctly.

There are no feature changes in this update. However, we fixed one major problem. There is a known problem with FoxPro (the engine that runs PagerProŽ) and any processor over 300 MHZ. When you would start the program, you would get a divide by zero error. We have fixed the problem.

Again, a few routine bug fixes and fine-tuning. However, we found an incompatibility with the last update and certain versions of FoxPro. Simply download and install this update.

Routine bug fixes and fine-tuning. We eliminated the restriction on 7-digit DID numbers. Now you can enter a DID number that is 1-digit and up to 10-digits. There was also a problem with the customers' address on the statement printing too low. Fixed. Lastly, there was a problem with the status report constantly crashing when a particular set of parameters was used. Fixed.


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